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Learn English with Dora the Explorer™
Together, we can do it! Take your students on a language-learning journey with activities, songs, and videos that will build confidence and develop the skills needed for primary school. Teaching with Learn English with Dora the Explorer is fun and effortless with a flexible package of resources to support your classes.
Show and Tell Second Edition
Creating young thinkers with great futures. The 2nd edition of Show and Tell builds on its tried and tested methodology, developing 21st Century Skills in critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity, to prepare students for future success both inside and outside the classroom.
Mouse and Me! Plus
Who do you want to be? Share the adventures of Daisy, Robin and their favorite toy, Mouse, as they dress up in different costumes and explore the world through imaginative play! With a numeracy and literacy syllabus, Mouse and Me! Plus takes a whole-child approach, embracing multiple intelligences to give every student the best start to their English learning journey.
Jump In!
Jump into a world of fun! Jump In! is a three-level British-English pre-primary course with storytelling at its heart. Students join Frankie the frog on his adventures immersing themselves in a fun and imaginative context for learning. Its communicative approach gets students talking through play and teaches social and emotional skills alongside language.
Bright Ideas
Inspire curiosity, inspire achievement. This seven-level course provides a flexible package that ensures exam success and encourages students to develop 21st century skills through creative games and activities.
Let's Go Fifth Edition
Let's talk. Let's learn. Let's Go! Energize your English classes with the trusted methodology of Let's Go. Let's Go is full of fun, collaborative activities that get students talking in English from the very beginning.
Oxford Skills World
Be the leader on your skills adventure! Oxford Skills World is a 6-level paired skills series in international English. With friendly characters who get young learners fully involved in every topic, you can use the course by itself or alongside your main primary coursebook.
Rainbow Bridge
Children will love exploring the lively, magical world of Bridge Town with their new friends Poppy, Rowan and Fern. The changing seasons provide a backdrop to the adventures of a diverse cast of characters that capture children’s imagination and attention.
Oxford Discover Second Edition
Creating young thinkers with great futures The 2nd edition of Oxford Discover builds on it's tried and tested methodology, developing 21st Century Skills in critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity to prepare students for future success at primary school and beyond.
Learn with Us!
Bring learning together. Bring learning to life. A 6-level child-centred course for mainstream Primary teachers.
Link It!
Linking your world together Every level develops your students' communication competences and provides integrated support for Cambridge exams. With its well-rounded approach, Link It! creates confident communicators ready to achieve success.
Oxford Discover Futures
Creating independent thinkers with great futures Oxford Discover Futures empowers students to shape their futures with an inquiry-based approach and a focus on 21st Century Skills.
Solutions Third Edition
Leading the way to success With 100% new content, the third edition of Oxford’s best-selling secondary course offers the tried and trusted Solutions methodology alongside fresh and diverse material that will spark your students’ interest and drive them to succeed.
Project Fourth Edition
Inspiring the next generation This new edition of Tom Hutchinson's bestselling course combines all the aspects that students and teachers loved from the previous edition with exciting new digital components, extra resources and more teacher support than ever before.
American English File Third Edition
Gets you talking American English File's unique, lively and enjoyable lessons are renowned for getting students talking.
English File fourth edition
Gets you talking English File's unique, lively and enjoyable lessons are renowned for getting students talking. In fact, 90% of English File teachers we surveyed in our Oxford Impact Study found that the course improves students' speaking skills.
Headway Fifth edition
Trusted worldwide. Inspired by you. Updated with new texts, topics and themes, Headway 5th edition provides fresh and relevant English instruction that is tailored to your students’ needs.
Wide Angle
A real-world viewpoint A six-level American English course that empowers adult learners to join any conversation, and say the right thing at the right time.
Q Skills for Success Third edition
Think critically. Succeed academically. Q: Skills for Success Third Edition builds on its question-centered approach to help students achieve academic success. 90% of teachers believe that Q: Skills for Success has played a significant part in improving the skills their students need for academic study.
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary Tenth Edition
The world's bestselling advanced-level dictionary for learners of English Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 10th edition builds English vocabulary better than ever before and leads the way to more confident, successful communication in English.
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